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Postgraduate Program in Gastroenterology

 The Postgraduate Program in Gastroenterologywas founded in 1976. During the last forty yearsthe Program has focused on training students whocome from a variety of health science backgrounds,including physicians, nurses, biologists, biomedicalengineers, psychologists and nutritionists. Theaim of the Program has been to prepare studentsto become excellent researchers and teachers, ableto work independently. Many postgraduates of theProgram are now professors and researchers in institutionsthroughout Brazil, contributing to the developmentof science and medicine in this country. 

Research focus

- Experimental hepatology: studies on ischemiaand reperfusion and the kinin-kallikrein system usingisolated rat liver

- Gastrointestinal oncology: molecular biologyof diagnostic and prognostic markers of gastric andcolorectal cancer

- Viral hepatitis: epidemiology, diagnosis andtherapeutic aspects, with emphasis on the study ofhemodialysis and renal transplant patients; molecularbiology applied to the study of HBV, HCV andHEV

- Cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma and livertransplant: epidemiological studies, diagnosticmarkers, indirect markers of fibrosis, renal dysfunctionin cirrhotic patients

- Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and nutritionin hepatic diseases

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