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Advisors Accreditation and Reaccreditation 

Aiming at the quality of its faculty, the UNIFESP Graduate Program in Art History (PPGHA) adopts strict criteria for accrediting and re-accrediting professors, as established in the regulations of UNIFESP, the Graduate and Research Council, the campus Graduate and Research Chamber, and the Program itself. Professors who are interested in accrediting or re-accrediting must send their request to the program Graduate Education Commission (CEPG), which will evaluate it according to the Faculty Production Table approved by the campus Graduate and Research Chamber. For the initial accreditation, professors are oriented to develop a research and activity project within the chosen research line, which will be later sent to referees. The professor must obtain a minimum score for qualifying products, as established in the Field Document (Arts), and anonymous approvals from peers. If CEPG complies with their request, they will be referred to the campus Graduate and Research Chamber for the next stage of approval. At last, the Chamber will forward the request to the Graduate and Research Council for homologation.

Professors that fail in reaching the minimum score required will lose their accreditation. Professors who are not re-accredited may complete ongoing orientations as punctual advisors and request a new accreditation once the required score is obtained.


Minimum score: 2,0

Scoring items Score
Journal Articles Qualis A1 1,0
Qualis A2


Qualis B1 0,60
Qualis B2 0,40
Authorial book 1,0
Book chapter 0,5
PQ/CNPq Project
FAPESP Thematic Project 0,5
Technical Production 0,5

  1. Articles, books, and chapters must add up at least 50% of the minimum score.
  2. Articles, books, and chapters scoring corresponds to the Arts field document in effect.
  3. Journals are stratified according to the Arts field Qualis in effect.
  4. Only technical productions stipulated by the Arts field document will be considered, and only one will be computed.

Particular criterion: For re-accreditation, the applicant must present completed postgraduate orientation in the period considered.




Article 12 – Postgraduate Advisors must bear the academic title of Doctor.

Sole paragraph – Holding scientific, artistic, or technological production and mentoring experience are compulsory criteria in evaluating the Advisor accreditation and re-accreditation. Aiming to reach the minimum evaluation score of five, stipulated for all UNIFESP programs by institutional guidelines, a set of strategies are adopted throughout the course of three successive evaluations. For that, the following progression is set: professors with minimum production equivalent to a grade four program will be accredited and re-accredited as long as these attestations occur in a grade three program. When accreditation or reaccreditation occurs in a grade four program, the applicant's production must, initially, be equivalent to that required to mentor a grade five program.

Article 13 – The accreditation and reaccreditation of Advisors is the responsibility of the Graduate and Research Council, after the Graduate Teaching Commission submits the nomination and the Graduate and Research Chamber and the Field Technical Committee is heard.

§1 – Accreditation is issued upon the professor request and forwarded to the Graduate and Research Council with the opinion of the EFLCH Graduate and Research Chamber and the relevant Technical Committee of the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies.

Article 14 – The re-accreditation of Advisors is the responsibility of the Graduate and Research Council after hearing the field Technical Committee. Reaccreditation must be issued every 3 years for grade 3, 4, and 5 programs, and every 6 years for grade 6 and 7 programs.

Sole paragraph – When Advisors' re-accreditation is denied, they may complete ongoing orientations as Punctual Advisors at the discretion of the CEPG.



Article 15 – The following procedures must be followed for initial accreditation:

  1. The candidate must write a letter to the Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Art History, justifying in detail the request and stressing the relevance of the claim for the Program research lines;
  2. Add a research project to be developed within the Program scope;
  3. Add a printed copy of the CV;
  4. Add a copy of items that validate the score for accrediting advisors according to the table approved by the Graduate and Research Council.

Article 16 – The criteria for accrediting and re-accrediting Advisors will be periodically reevaluated by the Graduate and Research Council based on suggestions from the Technical Committees.

Article 17 At any time, the CEPG may request the disaccreditation of Advisors along with the Graduate and Research Council.















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