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C-Kit Derivado do Rim + Células Possuem Potencial Regenerativo

Stem Cells

Gomes SA 1 , Hare JM 2, 3, 4 , Rangel EB 5, 6 .


Kidney-derived c-Kit+ cells exhibit progenitor/stem cell properties in vitro (self-renewal capacity, clonogenicity, and multipotentiality). These cells can regenerate epithelial tubular cells following ischemia-reperfusion injury and accelerate foot processes effacement reversal in a model of acute proteinuria in rats. Several mechanisms are involved in kidney regeneration by kidney-derived c-Kit+ cells, including cell engraftment and differentiation into renal-like structures, such as tubules, vessels, and podocytes. Moreover, paracrine mechanisms could also account for kidney regeneration, either by stimulating proliferation of surviving cells or modulating autophagy and podocyte cytoskeleton rearrangement through mTOR-Raptor and -Rictor signaling, which ultimately lead to morphological and functional improvement. To gain insights into the functional properties of c-Kit+ cells during kidney development, homeostasis, and disease, studies on lineage tracing using transgenic mice will unveil their fate. The results obtained from these studies will set the basis for establishing further investigation on the therapeutic potential of c-Kit+ cells for treatment of kidney disease in preclinical and clinical studies. Stem Cells Translational Medicine 2018;7:317-324.




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