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Graduate Program in Pulmonology

Doctoral Degree

The doctorate degree consists of a set of activities in research lines, disciplines, faculty (supervisors) and students included in the study of the pathophysiology and epidemiology of diseases with thoraco-pulmonary involvement, with attention to assistance, teaching and research, privileging the Integration of knowledge. The Program prepares teachers and researchers to conduct original and independent research in Pulmonology and related fields.

The enrollment of the students in the Graduate Program in the Master, Doctorate and postdoctoral levels is continuous throughout the year, with no predetermined specific period.

Students admitted to the PhD course must have the title of Master and have written and forwarded original work from their research project. Exceptionally and at CEPG's discretion, students at the Doctoral level without the Master's Degree may be admitted, provided they prove relevant previous activity in research projects, as assessed by CEPG; Or that there is interest of the Program in admitting candidate that will contribute strongly to the development of specificresearch focus.

Requirements for the Degree
To obtain the Doctor's Degree, the student must during the minimum enrollment period of 24 months and a maximum of 48 months:
a) Obtain 40 (forty) credits that may be attributed by CEPG due to its participation in courses, seminars, scientific meetings, didactic or assistance activities;
b) Comply with the courses and disciplines required by the Postgraduate Program in Pulmonology and the compulsory classes for all postgraduates, according to CEPG's schedule. Module of Scientific and Statistical Methodology are mandatory.
c) Attend to at least five doctoral thesis defenses during the period of their enrollment.
d) Certificate of proficiency in English;
e) Periodically discuss in scientific meeting, designated at CEPG's discretion, the progress of the Research with the mandatory presence of the advisor and, if there is one, of the co-supervisor;
f) Publicly defend thesis work that represents an original and significant contribution to Pulmonology and related areas; G) Write work on the thesis, forwarding it for publication in periodical, international circulation, indexed in ISI, Scopus or MEDLINE.

The defense of doctoral thesis, even when obtaining the totality of credits, does not exempt the student from the activities assigned to him.
Students holding the Master's Degrees may use the credits already obtained and described previously, but must fulfill what is necessary to total 40 credits and integrate what is necessary to obtain the Doctor's Degree;

The titles of Master or Doctor are awarded after the fulfillment of the requirements defined by the Graduate Programs in Pulmonology and the Internal Regulation of Postgraduate and Research of the Federal University of São Paulo, and for the approval of dissertation or equivalent work for the Master's degree, or the doctoral thesis.

The Postgraduate Program in Pulmonology programs are supported by research funding agencies that offer scholarships at the masters and doctoral levels, in limited numbers, to enrolled students. The criteria for scholarship selection are:
a) To be enrolled in the Postgraduate Program in Pulmonology.
b) Postgraduate applicant declare not to be impeded from receiving the requested scholarship, according to norms stipulated by CAPES
c) Curricular analysis and interview with the candidates by CEPG members
d) Postgraduate enrollment (according to the criteria of CEPG) and use of the bags occur in a continuous flow
e) In the case of a greater number of potentially eligible candidates in relation to the number of fellowships, the curricular analysis (7 points) and the interview (3 points) will determine the decision in the choice. Academic extracurricular activities will be evaluated during undergraduate and specialization courses:
- Courses attended
- Participation in Congresses
- Papers presented at the Congress
- Papers published in national and international journals
- Monitoring and participation of Leagues or related activities
- Lectures or Seminars given
- Proficiency in foreign languages



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