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Social Sciences Graduate Program

Graduate Course in Social Sciences

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Graduate Course in Social Sciences.

The Graduate Program in Social Sciences at UNIFESP is an innovative course. Its proposal differs from the current disciplinary programs (Anthropology, Political Science and Sociology) existing in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, as it emphasizes the connection between a solid formation and the interdisciplinary dialogue and articulation of these three research lines around the several forms of inequality in contemporary societies.

The general theme of the program, Asymmetries, reflects the semantic richness aroused by expressions related to the concept of inequality: Difference, Diversity, Disparity, and Distinction. As we know, the use of each of these terms has implications of major relevance in the construction of theoretical problems, research objects, and delimitation of empirical corpus. The theme is highlighted in the academic research agenda as well as in the public debate, and the PPGCS offers a training that allows reflection on modalities of contemporary problems that because of their complexity – do not find answers within a single disciplinary field.

Research lines:

1. Conflicts, Subjects, Rights
2.  Thinking, Knowledge, Expression
3. Territories, Work, Public Policies


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