History of the Graduate Program in Nursing

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The Graduate Nursing Program, Paulista Nursing School, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, began in 1978 and for three decades contributes to the education of masters, doctors and post-doctors, adding value to the production of knowledge in the field of Nursing and Health Sciences in the national and international scenario. This program initiated with the Master in Pediatric Nursing in 1978, followed by the Obstetrical Nursing in 1980 and Nursing in Adult Health in 1989. Doctoral Course in Maternal and Child health Nursing initiated in 1986. The major change occurred in 1996 when the three Masters courses were unified with area of concentration, and the doctorate in Maternal and Child health Nursing was changed to Doctorate in Nursing with only one program, which analyzed by researchers showed positive results. Another change occurred in 2002, merging the existing areas of concentration into one, referred as Fundamentals of Nursing and Practices in Health Disease Process. In 2005, other professionals begin to be included in the program, and unifies the master degree and doctorate in science. Later in 2008, the current configuration is established.

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