Escola Paulista de Medicina
Postgraduate Program in Infectious Diseases

Post-Doctoral Degree

The Post-Doctoral Degree aims to deepen professional knowledge, promote scientific competence, improve teaching and enable the development of the ability to perform research in infectious diseases and other related fields

The Post-Doctoral Degree is a research program intended for holders of the title of PhD in Public Health or equivalent under the supervision of a professor accredited by the Post-Graduate Program in Infectology.
The CEPG will approve an application for the supervision of post-doctoral students who have trained at least one Doctor for the INFECTOLOGY PROGRAM.

It is incumbent upon the Supervisor of the Post-Doctoral Degree:
1. Define the beginning and end of the postdoctoral stage;
2 Ensure the necessary conditions for carrying out the planned research activities;
3. Accompany and supervise the research activities developed.

Each post-doctoral proposal approved by CEPG will be forwarded to the Coordinator of the Postgraduate and Research Chamber of the Escola Paulista de Medicina.
The other instructions contained in the articles of the internal regulations of stricto sensu and research graduate of the Federal University of São Paulo apply.


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