Escola Paulista de Medicina
Postgraduate Program in Infectious Diseases

Postgraduate Program in Infectious Diseases

lab tampa vermelhaThe Infectious Diseases Division of Escola Paulistade Medicina was created in 1933, and the Postgraduate Program in Infectious Diseases formaly started its activities en 1983. There are currently 14 faculty members mentoring students in the Program. Most of thesesupervisors were trained in the USA, Canada, Germany or France.

Research focus:
Strategies and assessment of therapies in infectiousdiseases.
Blood transmitted diseases.
Epidemiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of viral,bacterial, and fungal infections.
Infections in immunocompromised patients.
Antimicrobial mechanisms of susceptibility and resistance.

The program offers masters, doctorate, postdoctoral and related scientific initiation courses for undergraduate students.

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