Escola Paulista de Medicina
Graduate Program in Pulmonology

Master's Degree Admission

Probationary Period
Students applying for admission to the Program, at the discretion of the supervisor and the CEPG, may go through probationary period. In this period, the student will be evaluated in his characteristics of interpersonal relationship, of teamwork, responsibility and his research abilities. Likewise, during this period students will have the opportunity to know the aims of the Graduate Program and to carry out a deep analysis of their real interests in this environment. After completing the stages in the probationary period, the student's enrollment (Master's or Doctorate) in the Program will be conditioned to a formal request drafted by the Advisor and addressed to the Postgraduate and Teaching Commission (CEPG).
This period should not exceed 12 months, and the student's enrollment decision in the CEPG Proficiency Program, as indicated by the supervisor.

1. Registration
Phone: 11 5576 4848 Ramal 4238
Secretary: Vera Lúcia Cunha
Rua Botucatu, 740 – 3º Floor - Vila Clementino
São Paulo - SP - CEP 04023-062
Monday to friday, except holidays.

2. Enrollment
The enrollment of the students in the Post-Graduate Program is continuous throughout the year, with no specific predetermined period.

Required Documents

2.1. Copy of research project
2.2. Copy of RG card
2.3. Copy of CPF
2.4. 2 (two) 3x4 photos
2.5. Copy of Curriculum Lattes

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Probationary Period
Students applying for admission to the Program, at the discretion of the supervisor [ ... ]

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