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The Graduate Program in Pulmonology at Escola Paulista de Medicina - Universidade Federal de São Paulo was accredited in 1975 as the first program in Brazil to offer a PhD in the respiratory area.

Monday to friday , except holidays.


Focus: Epidemiology, clinical, pathophysiological and molecular bases of obstructive pulmonary diseases: asthma and COPD Focus: Epidemiology, clinical, pathophysiological and [ ... ]

Probationary Period
Students applying for admission to the Program, at the discretion of the supervisor and the CEPG, may go through probationary period. In this period, the student will be evaluated in [ ... ]

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Autor: Pinheiro L, Santoro IL, Faresin SM.

Canadian Respiratory Journal Volume 2016 (2016), [ ... ]

Autores: Carvalho, Andréa Kelly da Silveira, Nascimento, Oliver Augusto, Fonseca, Marcelo [ ... ]

Autor: Ramos RP, Ferreira EV, Valois FM, Cepeda A, Messina CM, Oliveira RK, Araújo [ ... ]

Autor: Gérson F Souza, Graciane L Moreira, Andréa Tufanin, Mariana [ ... ]

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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Pneumologia
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