Escola Paulista de Medicina
Postgraduate in Collective Health

Research Focus

Collective Health

Descrição da Área de Pesquisa.

Focus: Work and care management in/and health

This line of research line includes studies on processes of management, work, education and health care organization, and the implications for the health of workers, users and health systems, as well as the forms of co-management and humanization care in care networks of the Unified Health System (SUS).

Focus: Longevity, chronic conditions and quality of life

This line includes studies on human aging from an epidemiological perspective, analyzing risk and protection factors against functional losses and chronic conditions, as well as studies investigating social and environmental aspects related to aging, and the best strategies for health promotion in the paradigm of the population’s aging.

Focus: Health, Society and Ways of Life

This line includes contemporary research problems such as drug use and abuse, violence, immigration and others, considering its epidemiological and social interface, implying the understanding of lifestyles and behaviors in these approaches.


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