Master's Degree


1. Purpose of the Master's Program

Stricto sensu graduate degree aimed at training masters capable of teaching Nursing, promoting the improvement of teaching and assistance through innovative methods and techniques; developing research activities; and disseminating knowledge to the scientific community and society.

The master’s student is expected to prepare and defend a dissertation, demonstrating a mastery of the chosen subject as well as genuine systematization capacity. In addition to preparing the dissertation, students must take courses related to their area of concentration and related domain, undergoing an exam that verifies the ability to read in a foreign language.

2. Target students

Nurses, other health professionals and the general public, graduated from recognized higher education institutions.

3. Obtaining title

To obtain the Master’s Degree, the graduate student must fulfill, within a minimum period of 12 and a maximum period of 24 months, a total of 25 Credit Units. Credits may be obtained in disciplines or activities developed in the Program or in other Graduate Programs accredited by Capes. Each credit unit corresponds to 15 hours of activities.

4. Scholarships & Grants

The Academic Graduate Programs offered by the Federal University of São Paulo are free of charge, but the availability of subsistence grants depends on development agencies.

Student must be regularly enrolled and be eligible according to Capes criteria. Access the website here for more information on scholarships.

Subject to availability.

Required documents

4.1. Scholarship Request Letter
4.2. Research project;
4.3. Lattes Curriculum corresponding to the last 5 years;
4.4. Declaration;
4.5. Workplan.

Admission to the MSc ícone INGRESSO


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