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Social Sciences Graduate Program

Master's Degree

The Master’s Course aims to deepen professional knowledge, to promote scientific competence, to improve teaching, and to develop the ability to perform research in Social Sciences.

Academic Requirements 

1. College degree.

2. Exceptionally, higher-level professionals from other areas may be admitted to the course, provided there is interest from the advisor and that the approval criterion is in accordance with the Program Standards approved by CEPG.

Obtaining the Academic Title

a) To obtain at least 25 (twenty-five) units of credit from participation in courses, scientific meetings, and didactic activities approved by the Program CEPG. Each unit of credit corresponds to 15 (fifteen) hours of scheduled or supervised activities;

b) To attend compulsory modules from the Program and classes for all graduate students;

c) To pass the qualifying exam, according with the Program Standards;

d) To submit a thesis complying with the Program standards that demonstrates the student’s ability to systematize knowledge and to use methods and techniques of scientific and technological research.

e) The Master’s thesis must be approved by the examining board.

f) Write at least one paper as the main author related to the thesis, referring it for publication in an indexed journal.

f) The deadline may be extended for up to three months within the stipulated period of 24 months upon request of the Advisor and evaluation by the CEPG.

h) The period of granted leave of absence, if it occurs, will be computed within the deadlines established by the general regulation of the Graduate and Research Council (CPGPq – Conselho de Pós-graduação e Pesquisa) of UNIFESP.


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