Escola Paulista de Medicina
Postgraduate Program in Urology

Doctoral Degree

The Doctoral Degree from de Postgraduate Program in Urology at the Escola Paulista de Medicina has been designed to accomplish the following objectives:

To consolidate the individual’s degree in being capable of thinking scientific issues critically and develop abilities required to lead scientific projects and raise financing to be an independent individual in research area. A graduate with a PhD in the Graduate Program in Urology will typically be an individual with autonomy and independence to formulate research projects, as well as leadership skills to guide in the development of individuals and technological innovation. 

Academic Requirements 

1. Degree in Sciences.

2. Applicants with proven degrees in other areas of knowledge might be considerated candidates if an active supervisor of the Program has especific interest in this area of  knowledge, and all the criterea established by the Program's Comission are met.

To Schedule the defense 

To schedule the defense of the Doctoral Theses, the student must prove the completion of the following requirements:

I. Proof  that he / she has passed the qualification exam. 

II. Proof of English proficiency through the English Culture Proof, specifically made for this purpose, according to its own schedule, or another English proficiency test, after approval by the CEPG-Uro;

III. Have completed compulsory disciplines;

IV. Have completed 100% of the credits.


Judging commitee

The Judging Committee will be chaired by the student's advisor of the Graduate Program in Urology and will be constituted by one members for the Qualification with 3 more members, with a minimum degree of Doctor, defined by CEPG-Uro. In the composition of the Judging Committee of the doctoral thesis, in addition to the Advisor, only one (1) of the titular members may belong to the Graduate Program in which the candidate is enrolled and at least two (2) of the members must be external to the Sao Paulo Federal University and not belonging to the body of Advisors of the Graduate Program in which the candidate is enrolled nor coming from the same Department.



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