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The Antônio Rubino de Azevedo Library occupies 1,350 m2 of Botucatu Street, 862, in the heart of the São Paulo Campus of the Federal University of São Paulo.

The Library has constantly adapted to the transformations associated with access to information and intends to democratize, collect,preserve and disseminate the scientific production elaborated in Unifesp, in any informational medium.

Its physical collection consisting of more than 23,000 copies is available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. for consultation and loan. The virtual databases such as Portal de Periodicos de Capes, UpToDate, BV UNIFESP and Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations complement the collection available to professors, researchers, students and technicians of Unifesp.

The consultation on the collection is public and available for consultation online 365 days a year.

The services provided by the Antônio Rubino de Azevedo Library still include:

1. Loan / return to the internal community;
2. Inter-library loan;
3. Bibliographic survey conducted in various sources of information in the area of health;
4. Orientation to the standardization of works in the norms of Vancouver and ABNT;
5. Guidance for submission of manuscripts in national and international journals;
6. Guidance on the use of bibliographic managers EndNote and EndNote Basic, Orientation for the Lattes platform;
7. Guidance for filling Google's ID Research ID and My Citation;
8. Preparation of a Cataloguing data for the internal community;
9. Bibliographic switching for the internal community;
10. Training of users through events and virtual courses for the internal and external community;
11. Inclusive space with two computers connected to the Internet and specific accessories for visually impaired persons for the internal and external community,
12. Study rooms with 15 computers connected to the Internet for internal and external community;
13. Guided visits to the internal community;
14. WIFI connectivity for internal and external community.



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