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Postgraduate Program in Education

Accreditation and re-accreditation

Instructions and rules for joining the PPG Educação advisory body.

The initial accreditation in the Program is done through a public notice, approved by the Program's teaching and research committee, which assesses the need to add new professors in view of the researches in development and the demands of the Program itself in relation to the themes under investigation.

The professor interested in accreditation must have a doctorate and demonstrate the development of continuous and qualified scientific production, according to the specificities of the area. He must also present a research proposal, clearly indicating the line of research to which he wishes to link and demonstrating the relevance of his intellectual production to the investigations underway in the chosen line of research. For accreditation, the proposal presented by the teacher will be evaluated by the Program's collegiate body, in view of its relevance to the accreditation notice, as well as meeting the criteria defined by the Graduate Technical Committee in Human Sciences.

According to an institutional norm, the re-accreditation of supervisors in a Unifesp graduate program will take place every three years and may be requested by the teacher 60 days before the expiration of the current term.

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