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Postgraduate Program in Education

Meet the Postgraduate Program in Education


It thereby aims to fulfill its social role of producing knowledge and preparing researchers by means of educational studies and research.

The Federal University of São Paulo’s Graduate School of Philosophy, Languages and Humanities offers advanced degrees in Education with the following concentrations:

1. Education, Inequality, Difference and Inclusion;

2. Education, State, Work;

3. Public Schools, Teacher Formation and Pedagogical Practices;

4. History of Education: Subjects, Objects and Practices;

5. Languages and Knowledges in Formative Contexts

Course overview

The course accepts new students every year. The admission process comprises analysis of the candidate’s curriculum vitae and research project/dissertation prospectus, along with a written test and an interview.

We aim to support our students to develop the following professional profile

- Ability to conduct original and rigorous research on any theme under the Education umbrella.

- Ability to take part in the ongoing interdisciplinary debate on matters pertaining to Education, in various fields of study.

- Qualified to be a higher education teacher who can teach and develop research as well as social-applied initiatives.


Upon fulfilling Program requisites, Regulation norms and other stipulations made by pertinent Federal University of São Paulo organs, students will be awarded the degree of Master or Doctor of Education. 

Programa Nota 4 - Acesso ao relatório de avaliação quadrienal da CAPES

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