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Postgraduate Program in Education

Post-Doctoral Degree

In accordance with Federal University of São Paulo’s Graduate Research Regulation, the goals of post-doctoral activities are to improve a researcher’s qualifications and to contribute for the development of new research strategies in the group they are a part of. Those activities may be carried out at the University’s many units by researchers possessing doctoral degrees.

Degree requirements

In order to receive the post-doctoral degree, researchers must hand in:

1. A final Report on their completed Post-Doctoral Project. If the researcher received a grant for their study and already has a report s/he made as a requirement from a funding agency, s/he may use the same report;
2. A paper submission confirmation / published paper / a paper equivalent in the researcher’s field of study;
3. A final Report by the University’s Research Ethics Committee.

Student Grants

As per specific guidelines.


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