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Postgraduate Program in Education

Post-Doctoral Degree Admission

Post-Doctorate Application and Admission Guidelines

The Postdoctoral Program follows the Federal University of São Paulo’s Graduate Research Regulation.
Admission to the Postdoctoral Program of the Federal University of São Paulo’s Graduate School of Education must follow the steps listed below. Admission may take place at any time throughout the school year. Please note that admission does not guarantee student grants, which are – as stipulated by CAPES’ National Post-doctorate Program – regulated by specific guidelines. However, researchers may always try to obtain funding from other agencies.

Admission process:
1. Candidates must contact the faculty member they intend to have as advisor and request his/her formal acceptance of this role.
2. Once the researcher-supervisor partnership has been stablished, candidates must send the following documents to e-mail
a) Photocopy of the doctorate diploma;
b) A letter to the Program’s coordinators requesting admittance to the post-doctoral program;
c) A document attesting the intended advisor’s accordance with the candidacy;
d) Research Project (according to the rules specified at
e) Research work plan, which must include academic activities in its schedule;
f) A declaration attesting whether or not the candidate is employed at the moment. In case of employment, the declaration must inform the candidate’s working place, job title and working hours regime. If the candidate took a leave of absence from work to dedicate themselves to post-doctoral activities, please inform when s/he is required to resume work.
g) Lattes Academic Resume;
h) Record attesting that the research project has been registered with the Research Ethics Committee.
3. Once in possession of all documents listed above, the Program will forward the candidate’s research project to an external evaluator. After hearing back from them, the candidacy will be evaluated by the Program’s Board and by the Campus’ Graduate Studies Committee.
4. Approved in these instances, the candidate will be contacted by e-mail to register in the pre-registration system. The document generated in this process must be delivered, together with two 3x4 photos, to the program secretary.
5. After receiving this document and signing the coordination of the PPGE, the secretariat will send it to the Pro-Rectory of Post-Graduation for effecting the bond.

Postdoctoral completion procedures

The postdoctoral researcher must bring the following documents in PDF format to the Secretariat of the Federal University of São Paulo’s Graduate School of Education: 
1. Final report on the developed research project. If the researcher received a grant for their study and already has a report s/he made as a requirement from a funding agency, s/he may use the same report to conclude the post-doctoral research;
2. Paper submission confirmation / published paper / a paper equivalent in the researcher’s field of study;
3. A final Report by the University’s Research Ethics Committee.

For further information, click here to access the Graduate Research Dean’s Office website 

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