Evidências de validade da Escala de Competências das Ações do Enfermeiro em Emergências

Evidências de validade da Escala de Competências das Ações do Enfermeiro em Emergências

Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem Vol 27

capa revista latino-americana de enfermagem volume 27 de março 2019

On-line version ISSN 1518-8345
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.27 Ribeirão Preto 2019 Epub Mar 18, 2019 | DOI

Holanda Flávia Lilalva de, Marra Celina Castagnari, Cunha Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm.


to evaluate the validity of the Competence Scale of Actions of Nurses in Emergencies based on internal structure, internal consistency, and external criteria.


methodological study to verify new evidence of validity of the Scale, with contents previously validated. The Scale has 81 measurable actions at five levels of competence and can be applied both for self- and/or hetero-evaluation.


one hundred and forty seven nursing assistants and 41 managers from the five regions of Brazil participated in the study. They were linked to mobile prehospital emergency service, fixed prehospital emergency service, or hospital emergencies. Dimensionality was evidenced by exploratory factorial analysis of the 81 items, pointing out seven factors that explained 66.5% of the total data variance. Cronbach’s alpha ranged from 0.79 to 0.98. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin 0.988 indicated that the correlations between the items were significant. In the external criterion, Pearson’s correlations between hetero-evaluation competence scores and the manager’s subjective classification were significant (p < 0.001), as well as differences in the means of these competencies by criterion group. In addition, scores by characteristics were evaluated to detect statistically different means.


through the adopted Statistical Procedures, with multi-methods and multi-informants, different psychometric properties were analyzed. A summary of evidence was generated showing that the Scale is valid and reliable.

Descriptors: Employee Performance Appraisal; Professional Competence; Behavior Rating Scale; Nursing in Emergency; Psychometrics; Validity of Tests

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