The program counts on the activities of UNIFESP and the University Hospital of Escola Paulista de Medicina. Most of the clinical investigations are carried out in the field, in the infirmaries, outpatient clinics and in the emergency room of UNIFESP. The student of the program has the Cochrane Center of Brazil as space for bibliographic research, center of randomization, documentation, analysis of clinical researches and a complete computer lab to simultaneously attend thirty students. These activities are internationally connected with the Cochrane International Network in more than 70 countries, with the participation of some 28,000 leading clinical researchers, integrated by the ideal of reducing uncertainties and assisting health decision-making, in the constant search for Effectiveness, efficiency and clinical safety.

From 2012 with the inauguration of CEPATIS - Center for Teaching and Research in Technological Assessments and Innovations in Health linked to this Evidence-Based Health Post-Graduation Program, a totally new space of approximately 120 m2 was organized, To have an amphitheater for 40 people and a new computer lab with 30 computers available for the development of research. Undoubtedly, this expansion is the result of the continuous growth and improvement of the program and reflects a contribution from UNIFESP for the benefits received by the Program over the last 20 years in contributing to the scientific community and the international projection reinforced by the publications of this group.

The program works in close association with the Regional Library of Medicine and Central Library of UNIFESP and Cochrane Center of Brazil.




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