Post-Doctoral Degree

General rules of the Postgraduate and Research Pro-Rectorate (PRPGP) for the Beginning, Extension and Completion of activities in postdoctoral programs of the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).

Art. 1 - The Post-Doctorate, carried out in the various Units of UNIFESP, by holders of the title of doctor, aims to improve the level of excellence of the University.

Paragraph 1 - Applications for the inclusion of candidates in the postdoctoral programs of the different University Units shall be submitted by the candidate's supervisor to the respective Postgraduate and Research Chambers (CPGP);

Paragraph 2 - The supervisor must have the minimum degree of doctor;

Paragraph 3 - The supervisor shall provide all the necessary means to carry out the activities foreseen in the research project;

Paragraph 4 - Upon approval of the request for inclusion in the postdoctoral program by the body mentioned in § 1, the Head of the Department to which the Supervisor belongs must express his / her opinion regarding the use of the physical space of the Department in which the postdoctoral doctor will exercise Activities. Once these procedures have been completed, the Postgraduate and Research Chamber will register the Post-Doctorate in the PRPGP of UNIFESP;

Paragraph 5 - The program shall last for at least one year and may be extended, at the discretion of the CPGP. Requests for extension and exceptional cases related to the duration of the program will be evaluated by the CPGP of the Units in which the postdoctoral program is located, and the result should be reported by the CPGP to the PRPGP.

 Art. 2 - Inclusion in a postdoctoral program does not generate an employment or functional relationship between UNIFESP and the postdoctoral doctor, being forbidden the extension of the rights and advantages granted to the servants.

Art. 3 - Postdoctoral students will have access to the same academic and social rights offered to UNIFESP graduate students.

Art. 4 - Participation in the program will be accepted under the following conditions, being forbidden the use of budgetary resources of UNIFESP for this purpose:

I - Financing by postdoctoral fellowship by development agencies, respecting the norms of each funding body;

II - Remuneration of a research and teaching institution or company;

III - Grant provided by non-development agencies;

IV - No scholarship, at the discretion of the CPGP of the Unit to which the Postdoctoral Program belongs.

§ 1 - Researchers without a scholarship or external resources to UNIFESP, must sign a postdoctoral commitment term (Annex 1);

Paragraph 2 - Researchers external to UNIFESP, with employment relationship, must present at the time of their acceptance in the post-doctoral program Term of Science signed by the employer, according to Annex 2;

Paragraph 3 - For the modalities mentioned in items II, III and IV, postdoctoral activities may be developed on a part-time basis, at the discretion of the organ indicated in paragraph 1 of Article 1. In the case of item I, the postdoctoral doctor will be subject to the rules stipulated by the funding body.

Art. 4 - In the cases indicated in items II, III and IV of paragraph 1 of Article 3, the CPGP of the Unit shall issue conclusive opinions, prepared by the rapporteur indicated by the same. This opinion should include the merit of the research project and the number of weekly hours that will be devoted to it.

Art. 5 - After the CPGP approves the final report prepared by the postdoctoral doctor, the PRPGP will issue a Declaration of Conclusion, indicating the Unit, Department or other body in which the postdoctoral was held, as well as the time in which the post- Doctoral student remained on the program.

Art. 6 - The candidate for the postdoctoral program must sign a Declaration of Recognition of Intellectual Property Rights (Annex 3) to UNIFESP, of the results obtained by him during the postdoctoral period.

Art. 7 - Termination: The postdoctoral can be removed from the Postdoctoral Program, after judgment by the CPGP for:

I - Post-doctoral application through a detailed and signed document, addressed to the CPGP;

II - Request of the Supervisor through a detailed and signed document, addressed to CPGP, respecting the contradictory of the Postdoctorate;

III - Request of the CGPG through its coordinator, after consulting the members of the council, respecting the contradictory of the Postdoctor;

IV - Conduct improper or that violates professional ethics, after judgment by the CPGP.

Registration form: Documents delivered to the CPGP secretariat of the Unit / Evaluation by the CPGP / Manifestation of the Head of Department / Register in the PRPGP made by the CPGP.

Roadmap for closure: Approval of the final report by the CPGP of the unit / The CPGP communicates the approval to the PRPGP / PRPGP issues the Declaration of Completion.


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