Master's Degree

The Master's Degree Course aims to deepen professional knowledge, promote scientific competence, improve teaching and enable the development of the ability to perform research and other related fields

1. Requirements for Admission
Undergraduation diploma certified by the Ministry of Education of Brazil (MEC)

2. Requirements for the Master's Degree
2.1. Have completed the credits for the level;
2.2. Be qualified in the Program Research Project Development Discipline;
2.3. Document of approval of the Ethics and Research Committee of UNIFESP;
2.4. Submission of the paper for publication in a journal with an impact factor in the JCR / Qualis Medicine I;
2.5. English proficiency. Document certified by renowned school. UNIFESP has an agreement with Cultura Inglesa. For more information see the link (;

Term - Respect the period of at least one year of enrollment in the program.


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