Prevalence of malaria relapse: systematic review with meta-analysis

Prevalence of malaria relapse: systematic review with meta-analysis

Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem Vol 27

capa revista latino-americana de enfermagem volume 27 de março 2019

On-line version ISSN 1518-8345
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.27 Ribeirão Preto 2019 Epub Mar 18, 2019 | DOI

Talita Lima do Nascimento, Suleima Pedroza Vasconcelos, Yara Peres, Mirla Jéssica Sampaio de Oliveira, Monica Taminato, Káren Mendes Jorge de Souza


systematic review with a meta-analysis of the prevalence of malaria relapse.


it consisted in a search for cross-sectional studies, carried out in three databases, without application of filters. A total of 1,924 articles were identified, selected based on eligibility criteria. The selection was made in pairs from the reading of the titles, abstracts and text. The meta-analysis was performed with a statistical program.


a sample of 1,308 patients with malaria, ranging from 70 to 586 patients in the study. Relapse was estimated at 0.47%, with a 95% confidence interval and 99.04% of squared i. In the included studies, the prevalence of relapse ranged from 17.00% to 92.85%. The result of the meta-analysis is considered relevant, despite the heterogeneity.


relapse is a phenomenon that can contribute to the maintenance of the endemicity of malaria in the world and to introduce it in non-affected areas. In addition, there is the need for advancement in the production of knowledge regarding this disease, to qualify the research methods on prevalence.

Descriptors: Malaria; Recurrence; Prevalence; Neglected Diseases; Public Health Nursing

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