Deliberation - Students Rules

Rules of the Standards of the Translational Surgery Post-Graduate Program (PPG-TS)


Objectives of the program

The Post-Graduation in Translational Surgery UNIFESP aims to form researchers with deep knowledge in the area. As it is a multidisciplinary program, the formation in the Program broad knowledge in Plastic Surgery, Nursing, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Nutrition, Odontology and Management. The students can enter in the program in the Masters level, and for those who have a Master’s degree, enter in a Doctorate level, if they have the prerequisites.

The students that are already in activities in the Discipline of Plastic Surgery, Cardiovascular, Orthopedics from UNIFESP, in the Improvement Course or in the Graduation sensu lato at UNIFESP, must initially be accepted by an advisor accredited in the program, and fit into one of the Research lines of the Program.

The students must contact with an office of the Program or with an advisor accredited in the program to obtain information and a better direction of the procedures needed and the activities.

There are no pre-established number of vacancies for enrollment. However, the maximum number of students per advisor accredited in the program will be respected, according to the parameters of the CAPES, aiming the good development of the activities of all the parties involved.


Requirements for the enrollment


It is necessary that the projects and documentation be DUPIDLY bound in SPIRAL, that is, 1 (one) binding for the project and 1 (one) binding for the other documents, remembering that ALL SHOULD BE IN 3 WAYS.


Master's Degree:

  • Design detailed and according to the format of "Normative Guidance for Elaboration of Theses." **
  • Signed letter from the counselors requesting and justifying the enrollment in PG;
  • Approval of the Project by the Ethics Committee of UNIFESP;
  • Detailed description of the Teaching Internship (Program, date, place, guests and budget) to be elaborated on the theme of the project, focusing on attracting IC students and senso strictu (minimum of 100 participants as a target audience);
  • Copy of an article published or accepted article or 2 presentations of Free Theme or 1 chapter of book or 1 publication in annals of event (desirable but not obligatory)
  • Curriculum Lattes (updated);
  • Comply with CA obligations;
  • Minimum presence of 75% in AC.

Doctorate degree:

  • Signed letter from the counselors requesting and justifying the enrollment in PG;
  • Research Project (which should fit into one of the research lines of the Program);
  • Approval of the Project by the Ethics Committee of UNIFESP;
  • Detailed description of the Teaching Internship (Program, date, place, guests and budget) to be elaborated on the theme of the project, with a focus on attracting IC students and senso strictu;
  • Master's degree accepted for publication or published in the journal Qualis ≥ B2;
  • Detailed Report of the Teaching Internship held in the Master;
  • Curriculum Lattes (updated);
  • Be up to date with the obligations of the PPG that held the Master. If the student defends with an accepted or published article and has the ** PhD project approved by the PPG Advisors and CEPG, he / she may request the possibility of enrollment for a PhD within a maximum of 1 year of the Master's defense.


The documents must be delivered in the office of the  Translational Surgery Post-Graduate Program:

Rua Botucatu, 740 – 2º andar - Vila Clementino, CEP:04023-062 - SP/SP

e-mail: ou telefone: (11) 5576.4848 - Ramal: 3054  Sandra.


The evaluation will be performed by 3 professors from the staff of the PPG-TS, aiming to all the items mentioned above, the coherence with the concentration area and Research Lines of the PPG-TS, besides the abilities presented by the student in completing the schedule on the presented deadline for its degree level. After this evaluation, the enrollment will be countersigned in the Education Committee monthly meeting of the PPG-TS.



Once it is approved the inscription by the CEPG, the students must perform an enrollment in the Dean’s Office of Graduation and Research from UNIFESP. The documents needed for the enrollment are:

  1. Inscription form fulfilled and signed by the student, advisor and coordinator of the PPG-TS, with identification - full name
  2. Copy of the Graduation diploma
  3. Graduation School Records
  4. Birth or Marriage Certificate
  5. Copy of the Individual Taxpayers’ Register (CPF) and ID Card (RG), Voter registration and Military Certificate
  6. Copy of the initial sheets of the curriculum (identification and education)
  7. 2 photos 3x4 colored and recent
  8. Certificate of approval by the CEPG (entering exam, project and interview in appropriate cases)

The enrollments will be ratified by the candidate presence in a meeting with Mr. Dean, Vice-dean and Dean-office of the Graduation and Research

The enrollment follows the continuous flow of the program entrance after a strict selection process. After the enrollment, the student will get an ID badge issued by the Vice-Dean of Graduation and Research from UNIFESP. And it must be returned after the completion of the Program or when there is the cancellation or termination of the graduation.



The deadline for the Masters level is established by the PG in 24 months, but in the PPG-TS is recommended the completion of 18 months. In special circumstances and by the criteria of the CEPG/CPG, the student may obtain an extension of up to 6 months. If the student does not obtain the degree within this period, his/her enrolment will be automatically cancelled.

Obtaining the Doctorate level, the deadline is of 48 months, being recommended in the PPG-TS the period of 36 months. As it is in the Masters, a special extension of up to 6 months will be granted.



The Translational Surgery Gradute  Program receives annually a number of scholarships from CAPES and from CNPq, masters and doctorate, that is distributed by the CEPG to the students regularly enrolled in the program, based on the selection criteria of scholarship student predefined:


1) Access to the enrolled students

2) Minimum requirements presented by the students applying for the scholarship:

  1. being enrolled in the PPG-TS,
  2. do not have an employment contract, according to the guidelines from CAPES, CNPq and FAPESP
  3. to be up to date with the work in the PPG-TS (assiduity, dedication to the PPG, fulfillment of the schedule, productivity – correspond to 10% of the total points)
  4. letter stating the availability and total dedication to the program
  5. thesis project and the scientific work
  6. curriculum Lattes (35% of the total points) fulfilled and updated (Punctuation: Magazine publication FI > 3 or patent = 5 points; Magazine publication FI>1,5 or patent = 3 points; Publ. PubMed =  1 point; National Public. = 0,25 point).
  7. letter with a justification of the scholarship from the professor of the PPG-TS
  8. fulfillment of the forms of the fund raising of the promotion agency for analysis (WITHOUT SENDING)

3) Oral test of the Research Line of the project presented (35% of the total points) + Interview, with professors from the PPG-TS (10% of the total points) + oral test of English proficiency (10% of the total points)

4) The tests will be public and the grades will be justified, being allowed the access to this information by the candidate.

5) Evaluation by the professor members of the CEPG of the PPG-TS, objective and impartial (by the professors not linked to the student, or blind type, without the name of the student for identification).

6) The right to request the review of the evaluation and analysis by a board of professors that do not participate of the initial evaluation + final evaluation of the coordinator.

7) Reevaluation of the scholarship students (by request of any of its 3 advisors or the coordinator of the program; and according to the flow of its activities).


Locking, Termination and Cancellation of the enrollment

The Locking, Termination and Cancellation of the enrollment is EXCEPTIONAL, an item that disparage a lot a PPG, because it shows the selection deficiency of the student, deficiency of the advisors and consequently of the PPG. This EXCEPTIONAL topic IS SO SERIOUS THAT WE PREFER TO PERFORM A MORE RIGOROUS SELECTION PROCESS. The students may, by personal reasons, request the locking of its enrollment. It has a maximum duration of 12 months and can only be requested if the student has not completed 2/3 of the maximum period permitted by its level, that is, 16 months for the Masters and 32 months for the Doctorate. If the student decides to return in a Post-Graduate Program from UNIFESP, the reevaluation of the credits previously obtained it is by the criteria of the CEPG, THAT CENTAINLY WILL EVALUATE VERY CAREFULLY. The interval between the cancellation and a new enrollment must be of, minimum, 12 (twelve) months.



According to the by-law, for the obtaining of the Masters degree 60 credits in subjects and presentation of the experimental results or original clinics under the form of dissertation are needed.

In the PPG-TS there is an oral defense for the masters.

However, to obtain the Doctor degree, 90 credits in subjects are needed, besides the preparation and public defense of the Thesis. For those who bear a masters degree only 30 credits are needed. If the masters was obtained in another Program, the CEPG must receive all the documents related for the analysis and revalidation.

The credits may be obtained through Subjects, Seminars, Scientific Meetings, Teaching and Professional Activities. The coordinator of the PPG-TS with the Advisors establish the tasks of the student, in order to help him/her in the best way to obtain its credits, assuring an adequate formation and compatible with the Degree desired. There are mandatory and optional subjects that must be achieved. The mandatory subjects of the PPG-TS are Ethics and Didactics, Scientific Methodology, Statistics, Epidemiology and Clinical Research.

Part of the credits (30%) can be obtained in subjects studied in other College Institutions, as they are approved by the advisor, by the coordinator and by the CEPG.

It is important to highlight that according to the rules in force established by the Vice-Dean of Post-Graduate Program  and Research, the student will only receive the certificate after ratification of the dissertation or of the thesis by CPG, and delivery of published work or acceptance for publication in an indexed magazine in the ISI, where the student appears as main author.


Foreign Language

For the Masters, English is the mandatory language. The English level is evaluated through a test at Cultura Inglesa. The enrollment dates and the test date are widely disclosed by the Vice-Dean of the Post-Graduate Program  and Research. The documents needed for the enrollment are: ID card (R.G.) and the Badge. The exam is performed at Cultura Inglesa, located at Rua Madre Cabrini, 413, Tel.: +55(011)5549-1722.

For the Doctorate, the student must present, besides English, proficiency in a second language, of its own choice. The certificates of foreign language will only be accepted when followed by the “approval” from the Advisor.[LM1]


Pre-Defense (Masters and Doctorate)

The pre-defense exam aims to the evaluation and support the details of the study and the formation of the student, in a compatible way with the level of the program and the level degree desired. The exam will be performed in any moment. Performed in the form of a public seminar with the duration of 2 hours, composed by 20 minutes class in the Masters and between 20 and 30 minutes in the Doctorate. The judging committee will be composed of 3 members belonging to the PPG-TS to be indicated by the advisor of the study together with the CEPG, and must be headed by the co-advisor of the study. In masters, the board will be composed by students of Doctorate with more time and knowledge in the thesis theme. In the Doctorate the board will be composed by the co-advisors of the program. There will be a formality in a defense of thesis, with a final opinion from the board, that will be forwarded to the advisor, to the coordinator and will be filed in the student records.

The other presentations will be performed during the presentations of the projects and studies in course at the meetings of the PPG-TS.



The form of the printed version must follow the book: the “Orientação normativa para elaboração e apresentação de teses” of the PPG-TS, that might be obtained in the Livraria Médica Paulista, located at Rua Pedro de Toledo, 591, telephones: 5539.7981 and 5549.5021.

The format of the class must follow the rules stated in the PPG-TS, being the same constantly corrected during the presentation of the classes of the project and thesis in course during the meetings of the PPG-TS.

Before the defense, the CEPG will determine a member of the PPG-TS to get a member of the board out from São Paulo in the airport or in the hotel or wherever the professor may be, if necessary, to take him/her to the place of the defense before the beginning of the defense. The student WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE CONTACT WITH OR DELIVER THE THESIS PERSONALLY TO THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD.

During the defense, the candidates must organize an offer of water (suggestion: candies and/or chocolate), for the members of the board. The majority of the theaters do not allow the food delivering, and a table with water coffee and food in the room may distract the audience, that must be focused on the presentations for the learning and post critical evaluation.

The head of the board must time the class, beginning and end and the duration of the arguing of each member of the board and of the responses of the student, always with 30 minutes each.

It is recommended the presence of the co-advisors of the thesis.

Presence of all the professors, staff members, students of  graduation sensu lato e sensu strito in the contests.

Punctuation of the staff and students when the presence in the contests and defenses.

Mandatory presence of all the students enrolled in the Translational Surgery Post-Graduate Program in the contests and thesis defenses. The absences must be justified and it will be evaluated and will be replaced with a task in accordance with the topic of the PG sensu strito.

Report of the assisted defenses is mandatory, because without the presence in the defenses and without the reports the student will not be able to defend its own thesis.

The student enrolled must have been attended and filed by at least 3 critical evaluation of the assisted thesis approved by the CEPG, for the Masters and 6 for the Doctorate.

Performing a critical evaluation of the thesis (positive and negative points of the presentation,  of the defenses, od the content, and not only the report of what happened during the defense) and issue for the CEPG within 48 hours after attending to the defense, maximum.

Presence of 2 laptops and 2 data shows in the defense room.

Correction by a professor of Portuguese and English of the thesis is mandatory.

It is recommended the qoutaton in the thesis an in the class, of the thesis and of the article published of the Translational Surgery UNIFESP/EPM, showing to know the history of the subject of the thesis, related to the research line or concentration area of the PPG-TS.


Criteria for pleading direct doctorate - PPG translational surgery

OPTION 1: PhD Sandwich


  1. Have done PIBIC with completion of the project and have submitted or published the same (desirable but not required).
  2. Having two international publications (qualis ≥ B2) or have a qualis publication A (A1ou A2) in line with the current project during the period enrolled as a master (compulsory).
  3. Merit of the study and design of the activities that take place while a doctoral student if approved (assessed by enrollment evaluation committee).
  4. Consent of the guiding (required).
  5. Be enrolled in master's and have attended refresher course (required).
  6. Resource Funding approved for the current project.
  7. Approved the previous questions will be submitted to the interview CEPG



In co-advisors will remove the Gal and Guara



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