Thesis presentation


The Translational Surgery Post-Graduate Program committee, considering that:

  1. The major objectives of the Brazilian Graduation aims at, summarizing, the scientific and technological development of the Country;

  2. The scientific and technological production must follow the standards of excellence;

  3. The evaluation of the excellence of the thesis must be done by leader researchers in the respective areas of knowledge;

  4. The judging forum of the scientific production consists, mainly, of board of reviewers and journal, national scientific communication leaders;

  5. The language to the  international scientific communication way, including journals, is English;

  6. The development and evaluation agencies themselves have included, progressively, indicators of intellectual production with international standard with a high impact factor, to guide its qualification and support to the research structures and Graduation;

  7. The current form of thesis presentation is expensive in its preparation, and the final product has low scientific disclosure, even in Brazil;

  8. The need of publishing internationally the results of the thesis in a certain way double the preparation efforts of thesis in the traditional format;


Resolve to estabilish the following regulations for the thesis presentation of PPGCP:

1) The thesis of Masters and Doctorate degree must, mandatorily, CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE, authored by the student and about the thesis theme;

1.1 Regarding the translation studies and validation of the questionnaire, they must be published in Portuguese, in journals with high impact factor.


2) The final form of the thesis must be with the following, according to the mandatory components above mentioned and its respective complements:

1. Introduction

2. Literature

3. Objective

4. Methods

5. Results

6. Discussion

7. References

8. One scientific article published in English and Portuguese at least, according to

9. Appendices

10. Attachments

2.1 The thesis of Masters and Doctorate must, mandatorily, contain a review of Portuguese language, written in a way to contemplate in short all the articles related to the study (aspects briefly revised in the introduction of the scientific article).


3) Format Rules – Vancouver.




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